Jamie Moyer Should Go To Anaheim for All-Star Game

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When potential players for Charlie Manuel’s National League club get thrown out into conversation, you will hear the typical Phillies’ candidates, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth and Roy Halladay.

But, one name should be mentioned in the conversation this year and it should be that of Jamie Moyer.

In a year where the Phillies have been mired in a slump, are dealing with injuries and are not hitting well, it is the perfect opportunity for the 47-year old to make his second All-Star Game appearance (he made one with the Mariners in 2003).

Moyer has a chance to be the Phillies’ leader in wins, WHIP and hits allowed before the All-Star break hits. With Roy Halladay on a losing streak, Moyer could have 11 wins, which would at worst tie him with Halladay at the break and with NL hitters finally finding a way to hit Halladay, Moyer could top the ace in wins with starts against the Pirates on Friday and if the rotation holds against a weak-road team in the Braves on Wednesday.

The other reason that Moyer should be on the team is that Charlie Manuel is the NL manager and just like every other Phillies fan, appreciates the effort and continued success that Moyer has had this season.

Plus, the extended rosters now let each manager choose two extra players to make the team a 34-man roster and Moyer does not even need to pitch in the game with the stellar talent that the NL pitching staff would have.

If everything goes right for the NL, Ubaldo Jimenez, Roy Halladay, Adam Wainwright, Mike Pelfrey, Josh Johnson could start the game with Jimenez going two which in an ideal situation would lead to a combination of Billy Wagner, Matt Capps, Luke Gregerson and Arthur Rhodes (all of whom have been effective this season and are capable of holding and then closing a game) could close the game, or you could have Moyer come in between a pair of hard throwing starters and keep the AL hitters off balance.

In any situation, Jamie Moyer deserves to make the National League All-Star team because of what he is doing this season at his age, it would a great tribute to a humble man who has a solid MLB career.

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