Phillies v.s. Cardinals: Who Is the Real ‘Poo Hole?’

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In our home we have a standing joke: whenever Pujols is up to bat someone yells “Poo Holes!”

It is not because we dislike the man (we love him when he is not playing the Phillies!) I pay homage to him at JJ Elephant Sports Café with a huge photo framed and mounted in the customer restroom–over the WC.

What’s in a name? The mispronounced Pujols, local Phillies fans have no idea who the photo is because they cannot pronounce the “J” in his name, hence “Poo-Holes”. A star by any other name is still a star and that is what Pujols has proven game after game. I would love seeing Pujols in a Phillies uniform!

In last night’s game, Kyle Kendrick was the real “Poo Hole!” Too many times I have seen him pitch and blow it (almost every game I attend, he is the pitcher and loses). He seemed to get some mojo going this season, even pitching a complete game, then back to the old Kendrick.

Mind you, Blanton is up for a “Poo Hole” award as well.

The Phil’s Kendrick was a “homerun manchine last night”, to quote a friend.  The stats below say it all.  Even sadder was that we had our bats last night!  Where are they when Halladay pitches?

Regardless of the spin that Charlie puts on the Phillies season thus far, in my humble opinion, we have  inconsistent pitching and hitting.  Everyone but Utley and Happ are off the injured disabled list and we are still not finding our sweet spot.  When we have the pitching we do not have the bats and vice versa.

Winning teams must have a level of consistency. The Phillies have shown less than none.  Charlie is a players manager and very patient–that is what makes the players love him and me, no so much this year.

It is time to man up Uncle Charlie and take some of these guys behind the woodshed for a little “talking to!” We have a great deal of under performing talent this year. 

I hate to say it and I hope I am wrong, but this year the fightin’s are playing like the fallin’s I can hope, pray and root for the home team but I am not feeling the love. 

I long for the day when someone in the house yells “Poo Holes” and it is for a Phillie named Pujols.  This old lady’s dream is having Halladay and Lee pitching with Utley, Howard and Pujols batting.

Guess it is time to pray to the gods of baseball?


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
PHI 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 13 0
STL 1 1 0 0 5 1 0 0 8 8



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