Philadelphia Phillies on the Cusp of Dealing Jayson Werth?

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It appears that Jayson Werth’s days are numbered in Philadelphia. According to reports by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and others, the Phillies are discussing a deal that could see them land a top of the rotation starter. 

With the recent elbow injury to Phillies 47-year-old starter Jamie Moyer, the Phillies could be in need of a starter soon.

Jayson Stark and Buster Olney of ESPN believe that the Phillies are discussing a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. It appears outfielder Jayson Werth and possibly pitcher J.A. Happ are at the center of these talks.

Jayson Werth appears to be one of the Phillies greatest trade assets on their current roster. Having a more cap-friendly contract and a power bat, Werth appears destined to be dealt by the July 31 trading deadline.  By moving Jayson Werth, this would open up a roster spot for top notch prospect Dominic Brown, as he tries to cement himself in pro baseball.

There are many top-line starters available such as Roy Oswalt, Dan Haren, Ben Sheets, James Shields, and many more. 

Oswalt would be a dream come true for the Phillies had he signed a more salary cap friendly contract. He seems like an unlikely target for the Phillies, but stranger things have happened. 

Shields is a decent young pitcher, but is prone to giving up the long ball—a bad habit to have if you pitch in the hitter-friendly Citizen’s Bank Ballpark. 

As for Haren, the Phillies have the assets to get him, but according to some reports, the two teams haven’t even talked.

I would stay away from Sheets if I were the Phillies. Sheets’s fastball is nothing like it used to be, it’s straighter and he’s getting hit harder as a result.

Who do you believe Werth is going to and what could be the return?

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