Philadelphia Phillies Are Dumb To Trade Jayson Werth

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The last week before the MLB trade deadline on July 31st is usually an eventful and dramatic couple of days up until the last second.

The players who are on the trading block are not exciting and certainly bring no guarantee.

The only proven difference-maker was SP Cliff Lee, who was traded to the Texas Rangers two weeks ago. Lee was 2010’s diamond in the rough, or technically on the mound, because the fact is, he makes a team better.

The rest of the rumored players on the chopping block, minus Philadelphia Phillies right-fielder Jayson Werth, do not come with any certificate of guarantee. With Lee a goner already, this makes Werth a very popular guy. 

It would be hard to believe the Phillies’ for sale sign is out on Werth. With 2B Chase Uttley on the DL till September and leadoff hitter SS Jimmy Rollins not 100 percent healthy, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

You can bet one thing for sure: The Phillies wish they had never let Cliff Lee go in the first place.

It’s crazy that a pitcher of the caliber and talent of Cliff Lee has worn four different uniforms in less than two seasons. That number be five after 2010 is over because Texas cannot afford Lee, or themselves for that matter.

Going back to Werth, he is not putting up the numbers he is capable of at all. Surely not the best timing, as Werth is a free agent at the end of 2010.

Is Werth to blame for his sub-par stats and should teams be proceeding with caution?

Absolutely not, considering the Phillies flipped Werth the bird and handed 1B Ryan Howard a blank check a year before his current contract is up, which isn’t till after 2011.

Werth supposedly turned down a contract offered by the Phillies, but after the five-year, $125 million contract going to Howard, it was said the team was capped out.

It made no sense to sign Howard because timing was off and it keeps the power first baseman till 2017. Philly fans can just watch a Red Sox game, because Howard will be their David Ortiz, at best.

One theory is that Werth is making himself less appealing so the Phillies can’t get as much for him.

This reason made no sense to me, as this is the time Werth should be making teams drool to secure a multi-year monster contract. Everyone is still waiting for him to breakout.

Still, I would be shocked if Werth continued to decline after waving Citizens Bank Park and the Phillies goodbye. Out of sight, out of mind, and out of Philly seems to be the best option for Werth, and no doubt, he will thrive again.

As a fan, it is easy to point out a player who fits perfectly on a team. Call it fan intuition, but it is usually very accurate. An example would be Nick Swisher, who in my mind has always been a New York Yankee.

That is why this Jayson Werth soap opera just feels funny and off track, because he was that guy in Philly.

Well, I guess we will know in a week. FYI, the New York Yankees would be happy to have Werth in pinstripes.


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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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