Done Deal, Roy Oswalt Completes Three-Headed Monster in Philly!

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Its official! Roy Oswalt is now a Philly. Oswalt waived his no-trade clause to join the red-hot Phillies and hopefully win the National League East (insert Boos from Braves & Mets fans). Oh yeah he’s also getting $31 milion in small unmarked bills, I hear.

The Astros receive J.A. Happ who just came back from the DL. They also get two minor leaguers—Anthony Gose (OF) and Jonathan Villan (SS).

In terms of fantasy value, Oswalt will now receive a hell of a lot more run support which will equate to more wins. For the year, Oswalt had eight losses with three or less earned runs.

Joining a winning team is exactly what Roy wanted and his chances of winning a ring with the Phillies has increased a thousand times over the Astros. Oswalt, Halladay, and Hamels are now the Miami Heat of the Northeast.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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