Behold the Amazing MLB Rookie Class of 2010

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Back in 2001, the first “article” I ever wrote about baseball was an amateurish ditty comparing the 2001 rookie class to a great rookie class of a generation ago, the 1986 rookie class.

I am reminded of that article in 2010 as an endless stream of amazingly talented can’t-miss prospects spills into Major League Baseball.

It is starting to look like both the 1986 rookie class and the 2001 rookie class are going to pale in comparison to the amazing class we’re starting to put together here in 2010.

Sadly, for the first time (and unlike in 1986 or 2001) I am now significantly older than these guys, so much so as to justify referring to them as “youngsters,” and to say things like, “We didn’t have kids this talented in my day.”

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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