SchizoKendrick: Kyle Kendrick, the Good Pitcher, Showed Up Last Night

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Notice the page turning to blank—that is our boy Kyle Kendrick! Who knows what is coming next?

Kendrick was pitching against the New York Mets and it was a game that needed to be paid attention to even at a Paul McCartney concert. 

The reality is fans with smart phones will do these things while listening to a music legend.

Everyone was wondering who was going to pitch last night, Dr. Kendrick or Mr. Kyle. 

Dr. Kendrick showed up, fortunately, and took care of the Mets in what was reported on the way home as one of his best, if not his absolute best, game this season.

“I can’t explain it,” Kendrick said.

Nor can we Kyle!

No point in a play-by-play.

I did not watch the game (perhaps that is why good Kendrick showed up). 

The Mets did stack their lineup (seven left-handed batters) to play to Kendrick’s many weaknesses. It was expected, as he said, “That’s what everyone does to me usually.” 

The most important aspect of the outcome of the game (not just taking two of three from the Mets) is that we are in a three-way tie for the Wild Card lead.


We remain two back in the NL East.  Chase Utley will be back sooner than later—good thing.  We can all sing “See You in September” to Ryan Howard. 

What is amazing about this team is that we are doing well in spite of ourselves.  With everyone healthy we might just pull the division win out. We can thank all of our understudies for keeping us in it.

Now to Kendrick. Should we win the division, what do we do?  Is the team able to go to a three-man rotation for playoffs? 

Cole Hamels (still a Nancy boy to me) is pitching well but loves his days off.  Is he able (willing) to go to a three-man rotation? 

I would not trust Joe Blanton, and then there is our boy Kendrick… the split personality pitcher. 

Are we able to trust that he can step it up? 


PS: For those of you glued to the TV and not at the McCartney concert, you missed one amazing time.

He played three hours and had three encores. 

There was a tribute to John Lennon (sort of lame song I had not heard before) and a fantastic tribute to George Harrison; Paul played the Ukulele. “Live and Let Die” had indoor pyrotechnics that had me jumping out of my seat, twice.

Have to throw this in for music fans who are sports nuts! Hopefully I will not be humming “Yesterday” on October 3. 

This season, so far, has been a “Long and Winding Road” and we better “Get Back to Where We Once Belonged!”

“Hey Jude” signing off!

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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