Chase Utley And The Philadelphia Phillies Are The New Philadelphia Eagles

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P-h-i-l-l-i-e-s Phillies!

It’s only weird because you’re not used to it. It’s a little long, yes. But it’ll have to do for now.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been the talk of the town for so many years. From Randall Cunningham, to the endless plethora of quarterbacks in between, to Donovan McNabb, they have pulled a big part of this city’s sports weight, if you will, behind them.

The Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies have always played second, third and fourth fiddle to the mighty Eagles.

But, with Kevin Kolb at the helm, McNabb out, Evan Turner joining Sixers nation, and the 2008 championship, it’s now clear that the big-dogs in Philadelphia are your Philadelphia Phillies.

So many questions surround the other teams in Philadelphia: Can Kevin Kolb take the control and lead the Eagles back to elite status. Can Evan Turner adjust to the NBA, and just how good will he be?

Those are just two questions surrounding those particular teams. Two individual columns could be written about the needs and questions of both of those franchises alone.

With the Flyers going to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, and the Phillies going to the World Series, it’s clear that they are the two elite teams in Philly.

Of the two teams, there is no doubt who are the beloved—you’ve got it.

It’s definitely hard-earned, and well deserved. They took over the town in 2008, a year that was not, by any means, a quiet one in Philadelphia sports.

The Sixers, for one, had a decent run, giving the third-seeded Southeastern Division champion and eventual Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic, a run for their money. The Sixers were able to push the series lead to 2-1 and in game four, they stretched their lead to over 15 points—to no avail, however.

Orlando magically, pulled off the comeback win, beating the 76ers 84-81.

The Flyers, in that same year, advanced a bit further than the Sixers, going to the Eastern Conference semifinals, only to lose the the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Eagles, after a season which looked to promise that the Eagles would finally win a Super Bowl, with everything falling into place for Donovan McNabb and the gang, failed to deliver. Unfortunately, their run ended one game before the big dance.

Despite all of these teams vying for the championship in their respective sport, the Phillies were the only ones to accomplish their goal.

The following season worsened for everyone except for the Flyers and Phils. The Eagles ended their season in the wild card round with back-to-back loses to their bitter rival, the Dallas Cowboys, while the Sixers came nowhere near mattering.

Each of the other teams have moved into a new era, and with the solid core of the Phillies being the premier in the majors, it solidifies your Philadelphia Phillies as the new face of Philadelphia Sports.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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