Philadelphia Phillies Vs Atlanta Braves: The Great Debate

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There is something to be said about great rivalries in sports. They change, they go cold at times, and then there are times the rivalry will heat back up like never before.

This year, the Atlanta Braves have put their bid in to be the king of the NL East again as they seek to knock off the new beast in the east, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Packed with superstars, two World Series appearances, and a myriad of household names, the Phillies charge into this rivalry no different then they’ve had any other.

They’ve finished the Mets, knocking them off the map. They’ve sought vengeance against the Colorado Rockies, they ruined “the team that showed promise” in the Los Angeles Dodgers—twice, and they defeated the team of the future, the Tampa Bay Rays.

Now, the New York Yankees are in their sights. The Phillies seek to prove that they are beyond the level of even them.

Who stands in their way? The Atlanta Braves.

This wily team could be a pest. They will certainly put their bids in to win the NL East race, and it could happen. But, the playoffs are a different story. The Braves have young players who may be star struck at the fact that they are on the big stage, as did the Phillies in 2007.

It’s a completely different atmosphere, there’s more at stake. To beat a team four times out of seven…well, that is quite the task.

Can the Braves pull that off against the Philadelphia Phillies? Well, that will be decided. In the meantime YOU place your vote.

Bleacher Report’s Philadelphia Phillies’ Columnist, Vincent Heck, goes head to head with Atlanta Braves’ Featured Columnist, Evan Walker, in a war of words to decide who would win.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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