MLB Playoff Predictions: 10 Reasons the Philadelphia Phillies Will Win It All

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Now that the 2010 MLB regular season has been completed and the divisional playoff pairings have been decided, all of the baseball prognosticators will be out in force, attempting to give their predictions on which team will likely emerge as World Champions.

These same scribes, statisticians, former players and sabremetricians will no doubt distribute mountains of data and spew out fact-based analysis to support their arguments.

They will also undoubtedly base their findings on their own spectacular histories in correctly predicting previous winners.

MLB Network has even hired 237 additional current ballplayers who are not competing in the playoffs to provide their own analysis during the month of October.

Well, that’s a bit of a white lie, but you get my meaning.

Here at Bleacher Report, we pride ourselves on bringing our readers quality content all season long on the 4,860 games played throughout the season, logging thousands of hours in supplying scores, recaps, analysis, breakdowns and commentary.

We’ll also join the bandwagon and give you our unabashed opinion about who will win it all in 2010.

For this writer, that team is without question the Philadelphia Phillies.

Now I am not a sabremetrician, nor am I a scribe with years of experience following the Phillies. But I do know this: There are ten reasons in that I strongly believe in that leads me to make this bold prediction, and we’ll explore those reasons right now.

Doug is a featured columnist for and Green Celebrity Network.  

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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