Cliff Lee Makes Phillies Prohibitive World Series Favorites, Say Sportsbooks

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Cliff Lee’s signing with the Philadelphia Phillies has made his new/old team prohibitive 7/2 baseball betting favorites to win the World Series.

The New York Yankees, left at the alter by Cliff Lee, are 6/1, a notch below their divisional rivals, the Boston Red Sox at 5/1.

Lee’s other brokenhearted would-be brides the Texas Rangers are tied for the No. 4 favorites at 20/1 with the Atlanta Braves and Tampa Rays.  (Sportsbook odds from Bodog.)

Speaking of odds, tonight’s top NBA picks include a big winner from Matt Rivers for Tuesday is on the Charlotte Bobcats -5 Toronto.

Reasoning: Wow was that an unbelievably pathetic last game at home against Boston. The Bobbies were held to an insanely low 62 points in that 31-point defeat. I am not in the slightest going to try and defend that because you just can’t. But I can tell you that Michael Jordan was on the bench and the owner is not going to stand for that garbage. He will have his players focused today against what is a bad and inferior Toronto squad that should not win many games this entire season anywhere, no less on the road.

Charlotte boasts some talent, they really do. Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson and DJ Augustin form a quality trio and the 8-15 record that Charlotte currently has is not truly indicative of what the team is. These guys have a solid upside and a lot of potential but have just gotten off to a poor start. The last game very well may have been rock bottom and after that debacle there is only one way to go.

The Raptors are 9-15 and probably are a 9-15 type of a team. I really do like Andrea Bargnani as that guy is starting to become a total star but the cupboard is fairly bare after losing Chris Bosh to the Heat. Toronto is a porous 3-9 outside of Canada and should be getting more tonight against a team that is much better than them.

I expect Charlotte to come out with some passion and energy after that last beat down against the Celtics and against a bad team on their home floor should result in an easy victory. This is a cheap bargain basement type of a number and one that can’t fully be passed up.

The pick: Charlotte.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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