National League’s New Pitching Rotations: How They Stack Up

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The Philadelphia Phillies:


After all the articles about how great the Philiadelphia Phillies are (I still don’t see the 2010 WS trophy with their team on it), there have been some signings and trades in the off season that has gotten the attention of quite a few baseball fans. Most of them were over-shadowed with a bias for a team that has yet to prove they are the best. 

Yes, I am anti-anyone who is crowed champion before the season starts.  Also I am sick of the argument that a team who is not the best still wins the championship.  Look, if they win the whole magilla, guess what? They’re the best.  Don’t twist the stats around and tell me on paper that your team or their team is better, just deal with the fact that last year’s team is the best team period. 

Now, checking out all of these rotations I want to show how close it really is, and how competitive this year’s NL will be regardless of what all the media types and east coast fans try to tell you. I will also include a list of who’s-who of off season additions.  This article is meant to show the new arms and what they bring to current rotations to make them better.

RH Roy Halladay … 21-10, 2.44 ERA,

LH Cliff Lee … 12-9, 3.18 ERA,

RH Roy Oswalt … 13-13, 2.76 ERA

LH Cole Hamels … 12-11, 3.06 ERA

TOTALS … 58-43, 2.84 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 4.93 K/BB

Let’s take a trip down memory lane….

The NLCS: Game 1: Lincecum W, Halladay L

Game 2: Oswalt W, Sanchez L

Game 3: Cain W, Hamels L

Game 4: Wilson W, Oswalt L

Game 5: Halladay W, Lincecum L

Halladay and Oswalt both .500 in the NLCS.  But to no avail the Giants of Frisco defeat the Phillies in game 6.  Proof is in the pudding there, the Phillies are not the better team.  With the loss of Jayson Werth, they will struggle to replace that 85 RBI’s and 27 HRs.  With the addition of Lee, Perhaps they can hold their opponents long enough to compensate. Giants were a combined 7-2 vs the current Phillies rotation.  Eat it up.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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