Philadelphia Phillies’ Right-Handed Bat Need Should Be Solved by Marcus Thames

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I’m about to do something unheard of in sports journalism.  I am going to write an entire article about Marcus Thames.  Yes, that Marcus Thames, the 33-year-old outfielder who hit .288 with 12 HR for the Yankees last year.  The one the Yankees haven’t re-signed.

Why am I writing about Thames?  Because he would be the perfect addition to the cash strapped Phillies roster.  We all know the Phillies lineup is too left-handed heavy.  We all know they need a right-handed bat that can platoon a little bit in the outfield and provide depth.

Why not Marcus Thames, a guy who has made a career of killing left handed pitching?  Thames has hit more than 25 HR twice in his career and is known as a left-handed specialist. 

He has limitations in the field, which hurt his value, but that would not be a huge deal for the Phillies.  If you platoon him in left field with Ibanez, I can’t imagine you are losing much defensively going from Ibanez to Thames.  You can also take him out late in games for defensive replacements if need be.

I know what you are thinking, this guy is way too excited about signing a journeyman outfielder.  Maybe so, but let me ask you, is there anyone else on the market that makes more sense than Thames? 

His strength, hitting left-handed pitching, is exactly what the Phillies need.  His contract will be in the Phillies’ range.  He has power, which will come out big time at the band box that is Citizens Bank Park.  His defense can’t possibly be worse than Raul Ibanez’s, so there won’t be much of a loss there.

How many other guys who have hit 25+ HRs twice in the last few years are available for so little money?  Not many.  I am here to tell you the Phillies should sign Thames because it makes too much sense not to.  You don’t have to give up anything to get him and he doesn’t demand a lot of salary.

Sounds like the perfect solution to me.

So please Phillies, make it happen. Thames in Phillies red in 2011!

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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