Philadelphia Phillies: Who’s The Fifth Starter? Who Really Cares?

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One of the things I absolutely love about being a Philadelphia sports fan is all the nit-picking we do. It’s highly irritating and annoying to outsiders looking in, but for us, it’s almost  another sport in in of itself. We just love analyzing something until it doesn’t even make sense to us.

It’s just what we do.

But recently a lot of smart reporters and writers have been wasting a lot of time nit-picking  over who the fifth starter should be for the Phillies this coming season.

Behind door number one is Joe Blanton. Door number two, Kyle Kendrick and door number 3 (drumroll) , Vance Worley. Tah dah!

Kyle Kendrick has two pitches. A liner in the gap and a home run to left field.

Vance Worley actually surprised me last year, but he is more valuable as a long reliever or a bullpen guy.

Joe Blanton has had his ups and downs, but he has the experience and is more consistent than the other two.

The fact is, none of their numbers will blow you away, but Blanton can actually eat up some innings for you, which will be important given the inconsistencies that have plagued the Phillies bullpen over the last year or two.

The longer the starter can stay in the game, the better.

But given the fact that we have the best four man rotation in baseball, and the fifth man in the rotation is often skipped over anyway, I don’t think this should even be a conversation so I’m going to end it right here.

The fifth starter should be Joe Blanton because Joe Blanton is better than Kyle Kendrick and Vance Worley.

So if anyone in the media is reading this article, lets use our energy on more important things guys, like who is going to fill the massive hole in right field that was left when Jayson Werth blind folded and robbed Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo for $126 million.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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