Michael Young: Would He Be a Good Fit with the Philadelphia Phillies?

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Michael Young has played his entire career with the Texas Rangers. He has put up some pretty impressive numbers during his career, averaging 17 HR, 87 RBI, a .300 BA and a .795 OPS. He has posted these numbers while switching positions twice already, and if he plays with the Rangers in 2011, he will once again switch positions.

Young is considered a leader within the Rangers clubhouse. However, he has become expendable with the emergence of Elvis Andrus and the acquisitions of Adrian Beltre (3B) and Mike Napoli (DH/C). The Rangers are trying to gain some payroll flexibility, and moving the remaining three years and $48 million of Young’s contract is the most logical move for Texas. Therefore, Young has been openly shopped the past few months with the Rockies looking like the most likely destination to date.

Enter the Philadelphia Phillies. The only way this trade will work is if Young is capable/willing to play RF or LF. I am not sure if LF or RF are viable options for a 34-year-old career infielder. I am merely suggesting the Phillies kick the tires on a trade for Young.

Young would provide the Phillies with the right-handed, middle-of-the-order bat the team has been looking for since losing Jayson Werth this offseason. He would provide protection for Ryan Howard in the middle of the lineup. Young would also allow Ben Francisco to resume his role as the fourth outfielder or be used as a part of a platoon with Raul Ibanez. Domonic Brown would be free to start the year in Triple-A where he will receive regular at-bats every day.

The most important part of this trade would be the money and players exchanged. The trade I would propose for the Phillies would be Joe Blanton and possibly a fringe prospect for Young and $4-$8 million. After losing out on Cliff Lee, it is no secret the Rangers are looking for pitching. The Phillies are trying to unload Blanton mainly to cut payroll, but I believe a deal like this could sway them to actually take on some payroll.

The Phillies would offload the two years and $17 million left on Blanton’s contract and pick up Young’s remaining contract. Since we can’t guarantee how much, if any, money the Rangers would chip in, I’m not going to speculate. Basically the Phillies would be spending $7.5 million extra this season for Young and $31 million extra over the life of the contract.

So the Phillies would pay Young $7.5 million in 2011, $7.5 million in 2012 and $16 million in 2013. With Ibanez coming off the books next season and Dom Brown presumably ready to play in the majors full time in 2012, the Phillies could surely afford this even with the raises already guaranteed to other players.

Also, if Rollins continues to decline and is not willing to take a pay cut when he signs a new contract, the Phillies could always switch Young back to shortstop. Just a thought.

Like I said before, this is just speculation and most likely will not happen. I am just wondering what people think of a possible Blanton and Young swap.

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