Philly TV Show Co-Host Makes a Pitch for Cliff Lee

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TV show co-host LuAnn Cahn is “Pitching for Cliff Lee”. This is Cahn’s attempt to get the newly-signed pitcher to appear as a guest on The 10! Show.

Cahn plans on having a new attention-getting gimmick each day until Lee appears on The 10! Show. She has also started a petition to help make this happen.

The idea was sparked when Lee returned to Philadelphia, after turning down offers from the Yankees and Rangers.

Cahn’s initial interest peaked, when she noticed that her co-host Bill Henley was very vocal about Lee’s 2009 departure. He like many Philadelphian’s could not understand why they traded Lee.

Henley also made several remarks about Lee being in the World Series, while the Phillies sat at home.

Needless to say this would be a treat for them both.

In closing, it would be great to see a national sports figure come on a local show that supports his team. So, if you live in the Philadelphia area and would like to help sign the petition below.

In the past, Phillie’s stars such as Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard have appeared on the local show. All were promoting outside projects so this would be the first time a player came on this show just because he can.

The 10! Show is a talk show similar to Regis and Kelly, just localized for the Philly area. It can be seen weekdays at 11 AM on NBC 10.



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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies