Phillies-Astros: Roy Halladay Completes Sweep of Houston with Dominating Play

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In the final game of the Phillies-Astros series, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay, who pitched a complete game on Sunday, seemed to be in midseason form.

Offensive help came from Jimmy Rollins, thanks to his solo home run to start the game off, and Carlos Ruiz’s second-inning sacrifice ground ball that sent Raul Ibanez home for the Phillies’ second and last run of the game.

In his second start with the Phillies, Halladay has won both games, posted an outstanding ERA of 0.56, has only allowed 13 hits, two runs, and has struck out 17 batters. He was a major catalyst in the Phillies’ red-hot 5-1 start to the 2010 season.

Sunday’s victory over the Astros also notched the 150th win and 50th complete game of his career.

Halladay effortlessly sailed through the first five innings Sunday afternoon, but did struggle from time to time in the sixth and seventh innings.

Manager Charlie Manuel didn’t seem to be concerned though and for good reason—it appears as if it may have just been a “hump.”

When Manuel was asked why he didn’t pull Halladay from the game during his struggles in those innings, he had a very short answer. “He was there, he kind of smelled it,” he said, referring to Halladay’s 150th win.

Not only is he tearing up the mound on defense, but he is contributing on offense too.

In back to back games, Halladay has had at least one hit.

So far, the decision to trade former Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee and acquire Roy Halladay is paying off beautifully. Can Halladay and the fightin’ Phils’ keep it up and transfer this dominating series into the next?

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelpia Phillies: Howard, Werth Assist in Phillies Win over Houston Astros

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For the third consecutive game in the four game Phillies-Astros series, the Philadelphia Phillies once again were triumphant in the end with the help of a few key players.

Up through the first two innings the Phillies held a one point lead over the Astros when Jason Werth hit a sacrafice pop up to center field, bringing in Ryan Howard to take the lead.

Then a spark in the top of the third after Astros pitcher Brandon Lyon walked Ryan Howard, which moved[Jimmy Rollins to home plate, Placido Polanco to third and Chase Utley to second.

The next batter up was Jayson “worth the cost of admission” Werth, who doubled with a ground ball to center field that brought in Polanco and Utley and just like that it’s 4-0 Phillies.

The Phillies and fans went into the bottom of the third feeling pretty good. Well that all changed real quick!

Moyer struggled in the bottom third allowing two home runs, as Jason Michaels hit a two-run shot, bringing in Felipo Paulino and then Hunter Pierce smacked one to left field, which also was a two run shot bringing in Jeff Keppinger.

Lastly in the third inning, Tom Manzella hit a ground ball single which brought home Carlos Lee and just like that it’s 5-4 Astros.

Was anyone else looking for their remote to throw?

Fast forwarding to the seventh inning, as nothing happened in between the fourth through sixth innings, the Phillies have two outs with Chase Utley on base and none other than Phillies slugger Ryan Howard at the plate.

The next thing I heard was a familiar and beautiful sound which erupted from Howards bat as he hit his third home run of the season, as Chase Utley came home to score and the Phillies once again hold the upper hand leading the Astros 6-5.

Later in the top of the seventh Shane Victorino hit a ground ball single to left field, Jayson Werth is brought to home and Raul Ibanez moves on to second—all this and there are two out!

Fast forwarding again to the top of the ninth and Shane Victorino again shows the city of brotherly love some love by hitting a two-run homer (Werth scores) and now the Phils lead 9-5 with half an inning to play.

The Astros got their sixth run of the game when Jason Michaels hit a single on a line drive to left fielder Raul Ibanez which brought home Michael Bourn.

The final game of the series is held tomorrow and it is also the Phillies home opener. The game will begin at 2:05 ET.

Can the Phillies sweep the Astros? I believe they can!

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies