Philadelphia Phillies: Who’s the Real Ace in the Phillies Staff?

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With the lackluster offensive performance out of the Phillies’ bats this season, fans are starting to question where is the strength in this World Series-hopeful team.

With RBI machine Ryan Howard out for what seems like a significant time, and an unknown return time for Chase Utley, Philadelphia needs to look toward the team’s pitchers for a boost of motivation. 

Why not the pitching staff?

They have three legitimate aces that, at any time, can perform at a championship level. They have pitched in big games but also have been extremely consistent throughout the years.

But the question is, who would you want on the mound in a must-win game?

That, ladies and gentleman, has become quite the dilemma.

It seems that Cliff “ice in his veins” Lee is not in the picture since he was placed on the disabled list. So that must make the “Doc” Halladay the favorite right?

Not just yet. Although Halladay has proven he is one of the most dominant right-hand pitchers in the league, he may not be the best starting pitcher on the Phils pitching staff.

Let me introduce the big, bad, Joe Blanton.  

Blanton threw his first shutout victory in five years. That’s right, five years. Think about what you were doing five years ago. Well the big guy is back, and has shown signs of life.

Joe Blanton is the guy for the Phillies. I hope everyone understands that this is going to be an “out of the ordinary” year for the Phillies.

Do not give up on the City of Brotherly Love just yet. Joe Blanton is the 2012 savior, and everyone will grow to love him

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Philadelphia Phillies: Can Chase Utley Return to All-Star Form in 2012?

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With spring training right around the corner, the Philadelphia Phillies have many questions for the 2012 campaign. One of them regards one of the faces of the franchise, Chase Utley.

The impact Utley has on the Phils is unmeasurable. Last season the Phillies played 46 games without Utley, ironically still accumulating the best record in all of baseball. Imagine if he did play in those 46 games what their record would have been.

When Utley was announced in the starting lineup after his 46-game hiatus against the Cincinnati Reds on May 23, the home crowd at Citizens Bank Park was one of the loudest it had been all season, and rightfully so.

Their hero was back in action.

So how exactly can the man return to his throne as the king of middle infielders? Rest.

Utley is used to playing every day, and when he was younger he would beg Charlie Manuel to put him in the lineup all the time. Now as he is getting older, wiser and suffering from serious health problems, the second baseman needs to know when to take a break. The 162-game season is a marathon, not a sprint, and the Phils need him to be in Usain Bolt form come October. 

However, Utley’s production has been on a severe decline since 2007, causing his batting average and slugging percentage to drop every season. Also, he has spent more time on the disabled list in the past two years than games played.

That’s not saying Utley isn’t working hard, he’s just being over played. Like every MLB player, he wants to perform to the best of his ability day in and day out.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve. I haven’t come to the conclusion that I need to change things. I think what I’m doing now is putting me on track to contribute like I have in the past,” he said.

Utley was sidelined last year with patellar tendinitis in the knee, bone inflammation and chondromalacia, which is pain due to irritation under the kneecap.

He said he is feeling better than he did at spring training last year.

It feels significantly better. Last year it was very uncomfortable, especially the first week. Right now, I think I’m in a good place. The goal for me is to kind of stay in the same place and improve in small increments and not try to irritate it to the point where I’d have to slow down.

For the Phillies fans’ sake, hope he can keep the pedal to the metal and bring home another ring in the 2012 season.  

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies: How Phillies Can Gain Leverage in Cole Hamels Talks

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Cole Hamels is as elite of a pitcher as it gets.

All the attention goes to Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee as the aces of the Philadelphia Phillies, but what about the only World Series MVP on the staff?

That’s right, I’m talking about the fun-loving, wavy-haired, San Diegoan Cole Hamels. But he is the No. 3 starting pitcher for an already-stacked pitching staff. As dominant as Halladay and Lee are, Hamels is just as vital to the Phils as the two aces.

If Cole were on any other MLB team, he would arguably be the ace. 

So actually it’s quite simple for the Phillies: Pay Cole what he is worth. He is more than capable of providing 20—if not more—wins.

But where is this money going to come from? Well, if they can pay the astronomical prices of the two aces and the under-performing Ryan Howard, I’m sure Ruben Amaro, Jr. has enough tricks up his sleeve to dish out the dough to the more than deserving Hamels.

He single-handedly led the Fightins to the 2008 World Series Championship.

What Ruben and the rest of the organization need to do is let him know how important and crucial he is to the club.

If it were not for Hamels, there would be no 2008 World Series Championship. It’s as simple as that.

Tell and let Cole know how important he is to Philly. If Ruben does this, Cole will, without a doubt, spend his entire career in Philadelphia and be forced to wear No. 35 for as long as he plays in the City of Brotherly Love. 

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

Jimmy Rollins: Things We’d Love the Phillies Shortstop to Do Before He Retires

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Say it is so folks, the one and only Jimmy Rollins is staying in the red pin strips for at least three more years.

J-Roll recently agreed to terms to stay a Philadelphia Phillie for a three-year, $33 million deal. The former National League MVP says he has plenty left in the tank.

There’s no doubt Rollins has not only been the face of this franchise for the past decade but he has also built quite the resume.

With a vesting option for a fourth year, Rollins already has a proven track record during his tenure with the Phillies.

However, here are a couple more notches on the Rollins belt Phils fans would love to see the flashy shortstop accomplish before he hangs up the cleats for good.  

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies: How They Can Replace Ryan Madson

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The surprising and dominant play of Ryan Madson during the 2011 season had Philadelphia Phillies fans excited about his future. Unfortunately that ship has sailed, as he is now a member of the Cincinnati Reds

That leaves a big hole to fill for the Phillies, but it looks as if Ruben Amaro Jr. has gone to the free agent market to solve that problem.

The closer is such a crucial role in the way baseball is played today. With a dynamite starting staff who can go late into games, the Phillies need that explosive pitcher who can shut the door.

Here is a list of guys who can do just that. 

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Philadelphia Phillies: Comparing Phillies’ Players to Baseball Movie Characters

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The 2012 Philadelphia Phillies are the favorites to win the National League East division and even make a World Series run. Spring Training is right around the corner, and Phils fans a like couldn’t be happier.

But before the season gets into full swing, let’s have some for a little bit. 

Have you ever watched a baseball movie and thought what it would be like to have a particular character on your team? Do you ever wish some of these hot shot characters were on the Phillies?

Well here is a list of current members of the Phillies comparing them to baseball movie characters that you either love or hate. 


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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Players Phillies Regret Letting Walk

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The Philadelphia Phillies are known, especially in recent years, to make the blockbuster trade or big offseason signings. 

However, Phils fans often look past the impact players the Phillies let venture into the cynical world of free agency thus signing with other teams.

Especially with Jimmy Rollins almost not returning as the face of the franchise for the upcoming season, this gave thought of what past Phillies players fans didn’t want to leave the City of Brotherly Love.

Here are the top five. 

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Philadelphia Sports: Best Sports Quotes in Philly History

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Philadelphia has had its fair share of interesting athletes throughout the years. Along with interesting characters, Philly sports figures have also been known for their infamous quotes.

Whether it was directly after a loss, or a miraculous fourth down reception or at a World Series parade, some Philly sports stars really knew how to blow a gasket or pump up a crowd.

No matter if it’s the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, 76ers or Big 5 basketball, these quotes will definitely bring back some memories.

So without further ado and/or eloquence, here are the best/most ridiculous/most passionate quotes in Philadelphia sports history.

Warning: Some quotes have rather distasteful language

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Philadelphia Phillies: Why Roy Oswalt Was an Abject Failure in Philly

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It seems the Roy Oswalt experiment is over in Philadelphia. The pitcher was not offered arbitration by the Phillies, which means he is now a free agent.

Phillies general manager, Ruben Amaro Jr., traded for Oswalt at the trade deadline during the 2010 season. At this point the Phillies rotation was lead by the two Roys: Halladay and Oswalt.

Unfortunately, what Phillies fans hoped would be a positive addition to their ballclub ended up being a failure. Over his one-and-a-half seasons with the Phillies, Oswalt’s numbers declined greatly, and his health became a major issue.

Here are the top five reasons why Roy Oswalt was a failure for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Phillies Who Could Play Their Way onto the Trade Block

December 21, 2011 by  
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Every season the Philadelphia Phillies make some key acquisitions to their roster when the trade deadline nears. 

However, with these additions comes subtractions. The Phillies have a ton of talent in their minor league system, but if they kept trading away young prospects, they will be in big trouble in the future.

Therefore, if they want to make any moves this year, they will need to move some of their big leaguers.  

The following are players that could be great possibilities, for one reason or another, to trade away as the 2012 season commences. 

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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