NL East: Phillies Good, Mets Not So Good, Marlins Bad

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If you are looking for a preview to the next Mets-Marlins or Phillies-Nats series, you will not find it here. This is just my look at the NL east right now, hope you enjoy it!

The Phillies have started to look good in the last week, they have swept the Florida Marlins in Florida and are now just a game-and-a-half away from the number one spot in the NL East.

This article is not about the Marlins, we all knew they would fall. But Mets fans, what about the Phillies? Are they going to run ahead in the NL East? 

The Mets are starting to look bad, and I for one am starting to panic. Yes, they won two out of three against the Washington Nationals, but they are the Nationals, they are a given win.

If they would have swept I would not be so scared, but if the Phillies can sweep the Marlins, then we should sweep the Nats.

The Marlins are now coming to New York to play the Mets in there new home. But it looks like they may end their losing streak very soon if the Mets starters can’t get things back in order.

You know the Mets are going to win one of them, the last one.

How do we know this? Two words: Johan Santana.

Santana was killing the Marlins last time they faced him, he struck out 13 and did not give up even one earned run. Murphy’s mistake gave Santana his only loss of the season.

The other two games are going to be harder, you have the great Hanley Ramirez leading his team in to battle against the not so good Mets starters, John Maine and Livan Hernandez.

It looks like all we can do is hope, hope the Mets starters get on the right track. If they do, then the Mets may be able to sweep as Santana comes to pitch.

Back to the Phillies, they are coming back home to face the Nats who are coming from New York on a good note of winning the last game against the Mets, hope they can use that momentum to beat the Phillies.

In the second day of the series, the Phillies will send Cole Hamels to the mound to start the game. 2009 has been hard for the 2008 World Series MVP. He has not done well for his team and is looking like he is in pain. 

His last time out the big man Prince Fielder hit a line drive to Cole’s back, he left the game after that.

If the Cole does not come back to last season’s form the Phillies will be in big trouble. Wish him the best even if I am a Mets fan.

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Philadelphia Phillies

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